Kitchen mixers have helped take what once was considered a hobby into more of a profession. Even DIY’ers take their baking serious and more times than not it’s the gadget that makes all the differences. Mixers are one of those gadgets that simplifies everything you do in the kitchen while saving you a great deal of time and turns difficult recipes into some of the easiest.

Hand mixers are one of those gadgets we just can’t live without. When looking at ease of use, functionality, price, and compact size when comparing them to bigger and less versatile stand mixers. Hand mixers simplifies culinary tasks in the kitchen, are perfect for simple, quick tasks, and easy to stow away under the counter or in a smaller drawer.

If you’re looking to replace your kitchen hand mixer we have reviewed all the top models in coming up with the following Top 10 Hand Mixers in 2018.

1. OXO On Digital Hand Mixer with Illuminating Headlight – 9.9

OXO isn’t exactly the biggest name in the industry, but after launching this high quality digital hand mixer they have become one of the most trusted. The OXO On Digital Hand Mixer features an illuminating light and is encased in a durable and sturdy outer body. This mixer features a unique start-up which makes for a mess free area. The splatter-free slow start keeps the contents in the bowl always which is one of the biggest drawbacks with variable speed hand mixers.

The On Digital Hand Mixer features 6-mixing speeds and the DC motor acts as a sort of cruise control giving you consistent speeds even when mixing thicker batter. Easy storage for the beaters which are included and the chord wraps around the base for easy storage.

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2.  Cuisinart HM-70MR 7-Speed Power Hand Mixer – 9.8

Cuisinart introduced this powerful 7-speed hand mixer which is more than enough to tackle most kitchen tasks with ease. This powerful, variable speed hand mixer is highlighted by an intuitive LED display which shows your speed setting right on top. Powered by a 220-watt motor and featuring an automatic feedback feature which gives you extra bursts of power when you need it the most.

The Cuisinart HM-70MR has a SmoothStart function and three low speed settings which makes for a mess-free area. With the speed controls and beater eject conveniently placed along with the LED display you’ll find this hand mixer is a great upgrade.

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3. KitchenAid KHM920A 9-Speed Hand Mixer with Accessories – 9.8

If you’re looking for a stylish, powerful hand mixer, then KitchenAid introduced the perfect model. This 9-speed mixer holds nothing back and is available in 7 different colors. Out of the box you’ll get the mixer, turbo beater accessories, dough hook, whisk, accessories bag, and liquid blender rod.

The KitchenAid KHM920A is highlighted by a locking swivel chord which makes it possible for one-handed use for lefties and righties. The ergonomic soft grip handle makes it comfortable for extended use with the electronic controls within a finger motion away. Other features include a soft start function, LED display, and a DC motor for consistent power under use.

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4. Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer – 9.7

If you’re looking for a hand mixer that won’t set you back, then the Oster 2500 Inspire is the best option for you. This 5-speed hand mixer is powered by a 24-watt motor which is more than enough for conventional tasks such as beating, blending, and mixing your favorite ingredients. The Inspire features 1-5 adjustable speed settings and a burst of power button for those rigorous mixing tasks.

The Oster 2500 Inspire comes complete with dishwasher safe mixers and dough hooks. With an ergonomic design with a conveniently located single touch eject button, you’ll find everything you need while holding the mixer with one hand. With a price tag around $20 and for those who have Amazon will get free two-day shipping, this 5-speed hand mixer is competitively priced.

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5. Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Clean Start – 9.7

Oster introduced another hand mixer which makes this review as this 6-speed model is highlighted by Clean Start technology. This keeps your kitchen mess free as the mixer starts off at a slower power and works its way up which gives the beaters time to get through the ingredients which minimizes any splatter.

The Oster FPSTHM2578 hand mixer features 6-variable speed options which is perfect for whipping, blending, mixing, purifying, and much more. When you need extra power, simply engage the Burst of Power button which will do just that. The ergonomic design of this noise-free hand mixer has everything conveniently located including the burst of power button and beater eject.

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6. VonShef RED 250W 5 Speed and Turbo Button Hand Mixer Whisk – 9.6

The Red VonShef 250-watt hand mixer has a splatter-proof feature along with a turbo button allowing you to mix any ingredient to the desired consistency. The stylish, red, ergonomic mixer provides optimal use even for extended periods of time. The attractive look is all about the outside, but underneath it all is an effortless mixer with 5 speed options.

The turbo button gives you added power which fully compliments the 250-watt motor. This VonShef hand mixer features a super-lightweight 3-pound design, but packs quite a punch for what you need it for the most. Included are the mixer, 2 dough hooks and beaters, balloon whisk, and all accessories are dishwasher safe.

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7. Hamilton Beach 62647 6-Speed Hand Mixer with QuickBurst – 9.4

Another high-quality hand mixer is the Hamilton Beach 62647 which comes in just under $30. This highly durable and very efficient hand mixer packs quite a punch with 300-watts of peak power. The mixer also includes a case which allows you to conveniently store the beaters, accessories, and mixers itself for simple storage.

This 6-speed mixer comes complete with 2 beaters and dough hooks along with a whisk. Your time in the kitchen will be a time well spent with the versatility, power and an extra boost of power when you need it the most. Featuring a Quick Burst button which gives you boost of extra power which can be engaged at any speed.

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8. Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer – 9.4

If you’re looking for a high-quality mixer which was specifically built for everyday use, then the Power Advantage is the best option. Cuisinart has spent some time around the kitchen and it shows in this mixer which comes complete with a spatula, recipe book, whisk, and dishwasher safe beaters. With three low mixing speeds and a Smooth Start feature, you’ll keep all the ingredients inside the bowl during use which maintains the area splatter free.

The Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage is powered by a 220-watt motor and has an automatic feedback feature. This automatically feeds in extra power when you need it which eliminates the need of a burst power button found in most newer hand mixers.

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9. Sunbeam 002550-000-000 Candy Apple Red Heritage Hand Mixer – 9.2

If you’re looking for more of a unique look with a classy design, the Heritage hand mixer from Sunbeam is a great place to start. Coming in just over $30, this candy apple red mixer with give you that bold, stylish look you’ve been waiting for. Highlighted by the best in modern kitchen technology, you can be rest assured you’ll get a smooth, even mixture each and every time.

The Sunbeam Heritage Hand Mixer comes with a vertical storage display caddy which holds everything including the mixer, beaters, and chord wrap. Providing the power is a 250-watt motor, but when you need more simply hit the burst of power button for an even, smoother mixing.

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10. Black & Decker GM200 Gizmo Mixer – 9.2

This Gizmo rounds out this review scoring an impressive 9.2 out of 10, and when considering how many hand mixers are out on the market this is no easy feat. Where the Black & Decker separates itself from the rest of the competition is the effective battery operation which supersedes other cordless hand mixers. The batteries have posed no problems with consumers who have reported long-use without issues.

The Gizmo features a rechargeable base which gives you hours of use on a single charge. This 3-in-1 mixer features a unique swivel head which transforms the mixer from a hand to a drink mixer with ease. The 2-speed Gizmo easily mounts to a wall complete with a storage caddy which holds the beater, mixer, and whisk which are all included.

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